Loveland Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you struggling to pay the monthly bills and keep the creditors at bay? Are they calling your house, your work and your family members? Have your debts accumulated beyond the ability to repay them?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers a fresh financial start by eliminating unsecured debts. Despite what you may have heard about new laws, most people still qualify for Chapter 7 debt relief.

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I help individuals and families in Colorado maximize the benefits of bankruptcy. Contact me today.

Loveland Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

My name is Ross Wabeke, a bankruptcy attorney and former bankruptcy trustee who brings more than 30 years of experience to your Chapter 7 petition. I will sit down with you to examine your finances and determine if you qualify and if bankruptcy makes sense for your situation. If we go forward, I will prepare your bankruptcy case to maximize the discharge of debts and minimize any forfeiture of assets.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • Eliminates unsecured debts completely
  • Stops garnishment, repossession and home foreclosure
  • Stops creditor harassment and collection actions
  • Gives you financial breathing room to pay your other debts and expenses
  • Allows you to keep most assets, including your house, vehicle and retirement savings

Not all debts can be discharged, and a Chapter 7 discharge is not automatic. It is important that you hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can anticipate objections from creditors or the bankruptcy trustee in charge of your case.

Medical Bills • Job Loss • Credit Card Debt Relief

Whatever led to your financial crisis, I am committed to helping you out of it. I will treat you with dignity during this humbling process and answer any questions you have. Call me at 970-667-2101 or e-mail me to arrange your free consultation, including evening appointments.

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